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Special Location January 24 2018 Only:

On-Site at Boston Scientific

This unique meeting will be held at Boston Scientific Building 3.

Here is a map for directions for the Boston Scientific campus location in the Twin Cities.

  1. On highway 694, take the exit for Lexington Avenue north.

  2. Going north on Lexington Avenue, take the second major left turn at Boston Scientific Drive.

  3. Parking for Building 3, the site of our meeting, is accessed by taking the second parking lot entrance on the right. As you take the right turn, Building 3 will be in front of you. As you get into the the parking lot, take a left and drive down to the corner of the building, taking a visitor's parking spot.

  4. Go in the door on the corner to the Security Desk for Building 3, where they will know of your coming because of your response to the Evite.

  5. After a brief wait in the downstairs waiting area, we will come and get you into the meeting room.

  6. Emily Carlson is kindly bringing food for the occasion.

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