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Michael Campbell – Radiate Presentation Design (see bio below)


Friday, March 27, 2020


12:00-1:00pm CST


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Program Overview

Presentations are vital communication tools for business and non-profit leaders to spread
ideas, sell products and secure funding. And yet so many presentations are poorly conceived
right from the beginning and ultimately fail to engage and connect with audiences. As with
any human communication, the biggest challenge for presenters is capturing and holding the
squirming attention span of today’s audiences. Distractions are everywhere. Cell phones
vibrate with messages and mail. The thoughts of your audience careen between the past and
the future. Getting people to “stay in the present” and focus on your message requires more
than a run-of-the-mill PowerPoint deck. You need to tap into a combination of brain science,
visual storytelling and graphic design essentials to ensure your audience understands what
you’re asking of them.

1. Reframing presentations from "decks" to experiences.
2. Focusing on the audience as human beings.
3. Rethinking slides, not as containers of information...but visual aids.
4. Making the numbers in your presentation BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL.
5. Editing ruthlessly and simplifying your slide content.
6. Obsessing on readability for improved communication delivery.

About our Facilitator

Michael Campbell is an award-winning Minneapolis-based presentation designer, communication strategist, and writer. He partners with clients in a wide range of industries to develop effective presentations and infographics. He has a passion for making his clients’ voices heard, their messages understood, and their visions realized. His approach is simple: eliminate clutter to achieve clarity while creating visually remarkable stories. He has worked both as a consultant and on the client-side. He has developed sales, training, keynote, IPO and strategy presentations.


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