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Why e-learning Fails

Critical Pathways to Great Learning Experiences

Michael Allen, PhD

When? Where?

Friday, May 3, 2019 (8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

Registration Check-in Starts at 8:00 a.m.

Metro State University

Library - Ecolab Conference Room (3rd Floor – top of stairs)

645 East Seventh Street

St. Paul, MN 55106


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Workshop Description
On one hand, people often underestimate the power of e-Learning. When done well, it can deliver a learning experience uniquely fitted to each learner’s readiness, abilities, and needs. It can change beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, confidence, and performance. On the other hand, it’s also easy to overestimate what can be built and delivered within typical constraints.


Both errors lead to frustration, missed opportunities, and compromised learning events.

Who Should Attend:

The workshop focuses on essential skills that beginning e-learning designers may never have had the opportunity to acquire. For those with more experience it provides an update: refreshment of skills or the chance to adopt new methods


Learning Takeaways:

This active learning workshop is designed to provide principles and experiences to produce meaningful, memorable, and motivational experiences within a wide range of constraints. Objectives include:

  1. The ability to cite and apply 11 critical research-based principles of how people learn.

  2. Use sketches as a technique to design learning experiences rapidly and effectively.

  3. Apply the CCAF (context, challenge, activity, feedback) model to develop active learning experiences.

  4. Use an agile-based approach to produce the best possible instructional deliverables given time, resource, and budgetary constraints.

CEO, Allen Interactions and Allen Learning Technologies
Michael Allen.jpg

Michael Allen, PhD, is the recipient of ASTD’s Distinguished Contribution to Workplace Learning and Performance Award, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and many other recognitions for his academic and corporate career in teaching, researching, developing, and delivering technology-enhanced, learner-centric, instructional experiences. He is the author of eight books that focus on instructional design principles and processes that are practical and effective. He is CEO of Allen Interactions and Allen Learning Technologies.

Photos from the Workshop

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